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Archiving Project
Little by little we are posting stories from the archives of San Diego's Jewish newspapers about the people honored on the San Diego Jewish Honor Roll. We have posted up to the following date:
June 13, 1952
and on the 2003  track, to January 10,  2003

Louis Rose: San Diego's First Jewish Settler and Entrepreneur

Louis Rose book: corrections and updates



The Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History is raising money to build a statue of Louis Rose, San Diego's first Jewish settler, at Louis Rose Point, at the foot of Womble Street in the old Naval Training Center, now known as Liberty Station.  Money is raised from people wishing to honor Jewish San Diegans living or dead.  Cost to add someone's name to the honor roll is a tax-deductible check for $36 made out to the Jewish Community Foundation/ Louis Rose Fund; 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123.  For listing on the site, please email information about the honoree for whom you wrote the check to editor Donald H. Harrison at the San Diego Jewish World.

The Society also is slowly indexing back issues of San Diego's Jewish newspapers and seeks volunteers to work on this project. If you are interested, please call Harrison at (619) 265-0808.

Following are some stories that appeared on the site before the creation of the San Diego Jewish World: Links to the Louis Rose Society membership roll; its list of honorees and other interesting information may be found in the column to the left.

2006-09-03 -- Our San Diego Alef Bet:  News of Jews of San Diego County
2006-08-26-Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County.
Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County

— Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County
Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County
Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County
Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County 
2006-07-15—Our San Diego Alef Bet: News of Jews of San Diego County 
2006-07-07An Alef Bet of San Diego County's Jewish community
New Weekly Feature: An Alef Bet of San Diego County's  Jewish community
Restoration of Casa de Bandini wins support from religious, ethnic groups (Story by Donald H. Harrison)
February 1, 2006
Louis Rose Society Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2: On-Line Biographical Encyclopedia of San Diego's Jewish Community winning support from variety of organizations, and Photo Essay: January 29, 2006  Jewish Tour of Old Town San Diego
January 1, 2006
Louis Rose Society Newsletter: Vol 2, No. 1; Looking back and looking forward.

December 23, 2005
Michelle DeCrescenzo, "Author to discuss Jewish pioneer in San Diego," San Diego Union-Tribune, North County edition, page NC 6.

" Louis Rose Society—An Update (story by Donald H. Harrison)
LRS Newsletter #13-American Jewish Committee salutes its presidents on LRS website
A walk through San Diego's Rose Canyon (photos by Nancy and Donald Harrison)
Newsletter #12—Upcoming events, programs and membership news
Gina Lubrano, "Reporters deal with difficult sources," (correcting idea that Ethel Lyman was Henrietta Rose's niece), San Diego Union Tribune
Marsha Sutton, "Historical Figure in Unmarked Grave Receives Long Overdue Recognition," Voice of San Diego
2005-11-16 Ann M. Garwood, "Hillquest Blog (for November 16), Hillquest
Photo Essay:
Unveiling of Headstone for Henrietta Rose,Mount Hope Cemetery, San Diego
Maureen Magee, "Rose Lost to Time is Found: Grave of pioneer's daughter went unmarked for five decades," San Diego Union-Tribune, page B-1.
2005-11-08 Louis Rose Society Newsletter #11-Unveiling for Henrietta Rose; Western States Jewish History notice. 
2005-11: News clipping file: "Louis Rose Society Holds Picnic," San Diego Jewish Journal
Louis Rose Society Newsletter No. 10:  Please help us grow our biographical encyclopedia; please designate your honoree or assign that right to the Society
Louis Rose Society Newsletter No. 9—Henrietta Rose gravestone unveiling, Rose Canyon hike are planned
Louis Rose Society releases newspaper indexes for 1922-1950 editions of  the Southwestern Jewish Press and other newspapers
Louis Rose Society picnic introduces Point named in his honor to members and friends (essay by Donald H. Harrison; photographs by Sam Zeiden)
City of San Diego Proclamation declaring it Louis Rose Point Day in the City
Donald H. Harrison, "Rose in Bloom," letter to the Voice of San Diego discussing the historic photo of Louis Rose. Link to VOSD's general letters page
Will Carless, "Planting a Rose for San Diego," Voice of San Diego, online story
San Diego Jews taking root: Four historic community events coincide (Story by Donald H. Harrison)
Newsletter #7: Picnic, On-Line Encyclopedia, Archives and a Gravestone are all important projects of the expanding Louis Rose Society
Newlsetter #6: Update on Sept 25 family picnic.
Newsletter #5: Sept. 25 Picnic at Louis Rose Point  Ok'd; Please Mark Your Family Calendars 
Newsletter #4: Major progress on Henrietta Rose gravestone project
When an obituary can't say enough (column by Donald H. Harrison)
San Diego Jewish Times endorsement—Perspective: A Good Cause
Newsletter Number Three: September 25th Set as Picnic Date; Partner Found for Henrietta Rose Gravestone
Newsletter Number Two: Picnic at Louis Rose Point planned; Gravestone to be placed for Henrietta Rose
Newsletter Number One:  We're off to a great start!
San Diego Jewry should resist turning to 'usual suspects' to 
build the community

'Louis Rose' Group to Raise Funds for Jewish Historic Preservation