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Newsletter No. 1

Louis Rose Society for Jewish Historic Preservation


Newsletter Number 1

We're off to a great start!,  April 28, 2005

ALREADY AT ONE PERCENT OF OUR GOAL—We are off to a good start with our membership continuing to grow on an almost daily basis. (Click on this link for the most recent listing of members who already have contributed $36 to the Jewish Community Foundation/ Louis Rose Fund). 

Imagine, although we have asked individuals for only $36 (double chai), we already have aggregated more than $1,000. That means after just getting started, we're already one-hundredth the way towards having sufficient funds to build the Louis Rose Memorial at Louis Rose Point! 

As we have said in the past, we want the monument at Louis Rose Point to be a people's monument—one that is underwritten not by one or two families but by large numbers of Jews and Gentiles alike who appreciate the positive role the Jewish community has played in San Diego history.

We have a three-pronged approach toward raising the $100,000 necessary for the park and monument at Louis Rose Point (located at the foot of Womble Road at Liberty Station in the Roseville section of Point Loma.)

First, our $36 memberships— may the number of members continue to increase! If we can persuade 2,778 households to write $36 checks to the Jewish Community Foundation, we'll have $100,000 without doing anything else. But of course, we're not just sitting back and waiting.

We also are creating inexpensive yet innovative and enjoyable educational programs related to local Jewish history as another way to raise money to finance the park and monument.

And, third, when we feel that we have a sufficiently large membership base, we plan to apply to charitable foundations interested in American history and Jewish history for matching grants.

As you can see, this is very much a grassroots effort that will be dependent on your energy and goodwill to be successful. All the events below will require volunteers to shepherd them. If you are interested in attending the events—and/or serving on a volunteer committee to make certain they are well attended and well executed—please contact me, Don Harrison, at 619 265 0808, or via my email at Also please contact me if you have other ideas for Louis Rose Society activities.

                                      IDEAS FOR UPCOMING PROGRAMS

Here are five of our program ideas. Please let me know which of these you would like to attend, assuming that a date and time can be found accommodating your schedule. Please don't hesitate to offer me any ideas or suggestions about how these offerings can be made better. Proposed programs that receive the greatest interest will be scheduled first. Ticket prices will be calculated to cover the expenses as well as a donation to the Jewish Community Foundation/ Louis Rose Fund. 

____Ghosts and Graveyards tour,  Louis Rose edition—Old Town Trolley has a special tour taking visitors to haunted houses and cemeteries in the city. The company has agreed to modify the tour slightly for our group so we can visit Louis Rose's grave as part of it. Not only that, but we will go on the trolley that is named for Louis Rose. Our very own trolley, so to speak.

____ Rose Canyon walking tour— In this canyon, Louis Rose built the area's first tannery. Originally it was known as La Canada de las Lleguas (Canyon of the Mares). Later it became known informally as Rose's Ranch. Later still, it was called Rose Canyon. Today it is a natural preserve.

_____ Rose's Great Seaweed Adventure — In 1859, Louis Rose had an idea for using the kelp that grows in the Pacific Ocean off Point Loma. He wanted to harvest it, dry it, and stuff it into mattresses. The idea--needless to say didn't prove very popular. But kelp later became a very important commodity, refined first by Kelco and now by International Specialty Products for use in gelatins, ice creams, pharmaceuticals and other products. We'll meet an expert on uses of kelp at Point Loma, where he'll lecture as the kelp boats harvest behind him. 

______ Louis Rose's Old Town — I'll lead a walk through Old Town, telling the story of Louis Rose and other pioneer Jews in San Diego.

____ Barbecue/ Picnic at Louis Rose Point. We may have to wait until Liberty Station construction is finished before we can do this, but of course we want everyone to see the place that is the focus of so much of our effort.

Concerning events, please indicate what days/ times are best for you.

1) Weekend days   2) Weekend evenings  3) Weekday evenings  4) Weekday days

                                 JOIN A COMMITTEE, BECOME INVOLVED!

We will have a number of committees, with the chair of each committee also serving on a steering committee. Please indicate to me via whether you would be interested in chairing or being a member of any of the following committees:

_____ Administrative 
_____ City of San Diego Liaison 
_____ Community Liaison
_____ Event planning
_____ Financial Record-Keeping
_____ Fundraising/ Grant-writing 
_____ Historic Research; Future Site Selection 
_____ Louis Rose Monument Design 
_____ Membership Development
_____ Publicity
_____ Speakers Bureau 
______Other (please specify) 

Concerning committee meetings, please indicate what days and times are best for you.

1) Weekend days  2) Weekend evenings  3) Weekday evenings  4) Weekday days

IF YOU'RE READING ABOUT THE LOUIS ROSE SOCIETY FOR THE FIRST TIME.... and now you've become really excited about joining the Louis Rose Society for Jewish Historic Preservation, here's what you should do. 

1) Write a tax-deductible check to the Jewish Community Foundation/ Louis Rose Society.

2) Send that check to the Jewish Community Foundation, 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123.

3) Email me a message that you have sent the check, and provide me with your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, committee interests and event interests.

4) Check the membership list of the Louis Rose Society to make sure your name is entered; if it isn't call me at (619) 265-0808.

5) Become involved!!

Everything is coming up Rose's

/s/ Donald H. Harrison