October 28, 2005

Newsletter No. 10: Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History

Please help us grow our biographical encyclopedia; please designate your honoree or assign that right to the Society

By Donald H. Harrison

The Louis Rose Society is in the process of performing two simultaneous mitzvot—1) collecting money for the Louis Rose Society, and 2) Developing an on-line biographical encyclopedia of the San Diego Jewish community.

Many people who have contributed to the Society are unaware that if their contributions have reached the membership level of $36, they may designate someone to be a biographical subject in our on-line encyclopedia.  Nor do they realize that for each additional $18 contribution, they may designate yet another person to be included in the encyclopedia.

As it stands today, approximately one-third of our members and donors have contributed money to the Louis Rose Society without designating an honoree, or have remaining balances that could be put towards the designation of additional honorees. 

If your name is on the list below, and you would like to designate someone, please email Donald H. Harrison at sdheritage@cox.net and he will provide you with a statement of your account.   It is possible that we don’t have the emails of everyone on the list, so if you recognize someone on the message, please alert them to this message.

If you do not wish to designate someone, you may arrange to transfer the credit to the Louis Rose Society itself for honoring people deemed worthy.  This procedure will enable the Society to honor those persons who have passed on without descendants, but whose accomplishments and contributions to our community or to the general community are richly documented in historical sources. 

Here is the list: 

  1. Anderson & Kriger
  2. Anonymous (you know who you are)
  3. John Baker
  4. Betsy & Ron Baranov
  5. Beth & Jerry Barbour
  6. Sondra and Bob Beck
  7. Bell Family Trust
  8. Jay Berman
  9. Leslie & Shlomo Caspi
  10. Vicky Cohen
  11. Fred & Shirley Daniel
  12. Alan Davidson & Lynette Allen
  13. Karolyn Dorsee
  14. Robert Cohen
  15. Ron Eisenberg & Zina Schiff
  16. Lucille Fink
  17. William & Judith Friedel
  18. Franklin & Jean Gaylis
  19. Louise Goodman
  20. Sharon Gordon
  21. Gil Gross
  22. Michael & Miriam Gabarek
  23. Burton Jay
  24. Marjory Kaplan
  25. Robert & Alisa Lauritzen
  26. James & Leslie Levenson
  27. Ya’acov Liberman
  28. Cantor Sheldon Merel
  29. Ocean Beach Historical Society
  30. Larry & Linda Okmin
  31. Eric & Peggy Poliak
  32. Phil Pressel
  33. Maurice Rapkin
  34. Sandford & Laurayne Ratner
  35. Ramon Reid
  36. Harry Rose
  37. Lou Rosen/ Myla Wingard
  38. Fanny & Ruben Rosental
  39. Melanie Rubin
  40. Gloria & Irving Schiffman
  41. Martin Shoman
  42. Greg & Arlette Smith
  43. Phil & Sharyl Snyder
  44. Richard & Karen Stern
  45. Sunbelt Publications
  46. Tifereth Israel Synagogue
  47. Gail & Okoronkwo Umeham
  48. Hal & Eileen Wingard
  49. Jay & Louise Winheld
  50. Murray Zelickman
  51. Rimma Zubarevsky