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Jewish Times endorsement

Louis Rose Society for Jewish Historic Preservation


San Diego Jewish Times endorsement

Perspective: A Good Cause

San Diego Jewish Times,  July 13, 2005

The San Diego Jewish Times heartily endorses the community campaign to erect a monument in Jewish pioneer Louis Rose's honor, in the area of Point Loma once known as Roseville.

Our columnist, Donald H. Harrison, biographer of Rose, is one of the organizers of the campaign that seeks to include all members of the Jewish community and our Gentile friends as co-equal contributors. Rather than seeking large contributions from the major donors of our city, the Louis Rose Society seeks 3,000 contributions of $36 (double chai) from businesses and households throughout San Diego County.  In this way, the monument honoring San Diego's first Jewish settler will truly be an expression of popular sentiment.

Louis Rose Point, at the foot of Womble St. in the area previously known as the Naval Training Center, was selected by the city government to honor a man who was instrumental in making San Diegans realize that the Bay was important to the City's destiny. The designation of the land in his honor came during the national celebration of the 350th anniversary of Jewish settlement in North America.

We urge our fellow Jewish San Diegans to make this tax-deductible contribution. Please make out your check for $36 to the "Jewish Community Foundation" and put on the memo line on the check: "Louis Rose Fund."  Then send the check to: Jewish Community Foundation, 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123.

Your contribution will automatically make you a charter member of the Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History. Names of Society members will be listed on the website

Together, let's help the fund grow as the Jewish community embraces our proud history in San Diego.  This is truly a good cause.