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Louis Rose 
Society for the Preservation of Jewish History 

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The following members of San Diego County's Jewish community, past or present, have been selected by members of the Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History to be honored or memorialized. Some of our honorees were universally loved, others were controversial during their lifetimes. All contributed to the development of San Diego's Jewish community, or to the betterment of the overall general community, or to both. Their pages will be objective repositories for news articles, links, photographs, and essays on their lives. We invite readers to send articles or remembrances about any of our honorees, for possible posting on the web, to Donald H. Harrison at Furthermore, we encourage students and historians to develop papers about members of the San Diego Jewish community, utilizing and citing this basic research.

Number of Honorees To Date:  395                         Honorees by Organization


* Deceased


Ackerman, Sam  

*Addleson, Fannie (1879-1970)       
*Addleson, Herman (     -1944)    
*Addleson, Louis ((1880-1963)   

*Addleson, Moss (1899-1977)
Adler, Penny    
Alpert, David     
Altshuler, Earl      
Amos, David 
Appelbaum, Cecilia "Teedie"    
*Appelbaum, Irving       
Arenson, Bernard    
*Auerbach, Henry 


*Baranov, Edward (1917-1988)
*Baranov, Nathan   
Barnes, Ralph         

Baron, Lawrence   
Bartell, Melissa Garfield     
Barton, Rick   
Behar, Carolina     
*Beitner, Carl (1909-1977)     
*Bennett, Marla (1978-2002) 
Bensussen, Melia 
*Berg, Gabriel (1903-1962) 
*Berg, Marie (1908-1980)    
Berkenstadt, Eugene R.  
Berner, Edgar    
Bersin, Alan
Berton, Robert    
*Blanc, Sol
Block, Marty
Bloom, Helen
Blotner, Bernie    
Borevitz, Ben   
Braun, Richard    
Braun, Sue   
*Breitbard, Bess (1889-1951)  
Breitbard, Bob   
*Breitbard, Morris (1876-1971)
*Breitbard, Sadie (1916-2003)
*Breitbard, William (1913-1977) 
*Brenes, Sam (1908-1992)
Brenner, Sy  
Brin, David
*Brin, Herb  
*Brooks, David  (1908-1975)
Brotman, Howard
Brotman, Sally Krasne
Brown, Stuart, M.D.    |
Buchner, Edward, Dr.                                                    

Camiel, Shimon
*Camiel, Zel
*Caplan, Sherrill "Sherry"(1937-1981)   
Casuto, Morris
Chortek, Elaine 
Cohen, Albert  

Cohen, Eddy

Cohen, Elaine  

Cohen, Hal 
*Cohen, Helen
Cohen, Ken  
*Cohen, Sam 
*Cohen, Sylvia Solof
*Cohn, Morton, Rabbi 
*Cohn, Sanford "Sandy"     
Coleman, Si       
Colt, William
Cooper, Sarah
Cutler, Edith                                                                   


DaCosta, David
Davis, Deborah
Davis, Susan  
Dean, Joan   
Delsen, Larry 
Demberg, Irwin "Sunny"  
DeWoskin, Sylvia   
Dorfman, Toby, Rabbi 
Dosick, Ellen Kaufman
Dosick, Wayne, Rabbi
*Douglas, Morris
Drossman, Barbara
Dubick, Mitchell  
Dumanis, Bonnie 
Dunst, Lou                                                                    


*Esenoff, Carl 
Epstein, Phyllis                                                               

Fagan, Candice   

Farley, Jim 
*Feffer, Irving
*Fefferman, Robert (1911-2005)
Feigelson, David
Feldman, Aaron   
Feldman, Joseph  
*Feldman, Marlene
Feurzeig, Alberta
Feurzeig, Charles I.
Feurzeig, Ray
Filner, Bob
Fine, Irene
Fisch, Joe   
Fischbein, Lewis  
*Fischbein, Rose (1898-1982) 
*Fleischner, Katherine 
Foster, Pauline   
*Foster, Stanley  
Frank, Rabbi David  
*Fried, Howard   
Friedman, Edward B.  
Friedman, Richard Elliott                                                

Galicot, Ana "Hanche"
Galicot, Jose "Pepe"  
Galinson, Murray    
Gardenswartz, Dan 
*Garfield, Dorothy 
Geffen, David   
Gefter, Irving

Gerson, Doreen
Gerson, Gordon 
Gerson, Ronald, Rabbi 
Gillman, Sid
Ginsburg, Philip L.
Glazer, Jeff    
Glickman,  Beverly (Birdie)  
Glickman, Joseph (Chickie)  
*Gold, Aaron, Rabbi (1920-2001)
*Goldberg, Barbara
Goldberg, Jerry
*Goldberg, Herni, Cantor (  -1977)
Golden, Janet Solof  
Golding, Susan  
*Goldman, Emma   
Goldman, Lucy   
Goldstein, Gregorio
Goldstein, Lisa, Rabbi 
Goldstone, Stuart, Dr.  
Goodkin, Sandy 
*Goodman, Irving A.   
*Goodrich, Murray  
*Gordon, Herbert Lester  
Gordon, Mary  
Gore, Laurie
*Gotkowitz, Joe   
Greene, Norman  
Greene, Roberta

*Gross, Jack, Jr. (1929-2007)
*Gross, Jack O.  
*Gross, Loretta Glazer
Grossman, Seymour
*Gumbiner, Steven (1942-2002) 
*Gumpel, Dita  
*Gumpel, Erwin
Gumpel, Jerry                                                                

Hahn, Norman  
Harris, Jerry

*Harris, Mollie (1910-2004)
Harrison, David F.    
Harrison, Donald H.  
Harrison, Nancy E
*Heilpern, Rabbi Chaim "Charles"  
Heyman, Stan    
Horwitz, Deborah 
Hurwitz, Maynard 

Hurwitz, Stuart    
*Hutler, Al                                                                     


Idels-Bourdignon, May                                                 

Jacobs, Alfred    

Jacobs, Gary   
Jacobs, Irwin M.  
Jacobs, Jerri-Ann
*Jacobson, Elias  
Jordan, Cecile                                                               

Kabakoff, David  
*Kader, Joseph (1899-1991) 
*Kalb, Gerrie   
Kaplan, Marjory    
Katz, Richard, M.D.  
Katzin, Jerome  
Kauder, Nadja   
*Kaufman, Maxwell    
Kaye, Jonathan. G., PhD
Keen, Harold
*Kern, Rosalie
Kobernick, Gerald, Dr.  
Kobernick, Todd 
Kolender, Bill    
Kopikis, Arnold, Rabbi 
Kopikis, Ruth
Kramer, Joel  
Kroll, David 
Kutner, Joan                                                                  

Lazarus, Bob    

Lawrence, M. Larry  
Leblang, Carole
Leider, Moishe, Rabbi

Leitner, Ted
*Levens, Lillian (1907-1985)
*Levens, Monroe, Rabbi (1908-1982)
*Levens, Raphael    
*Levenson, Eli
*Levi, Adolph  
*Levi, Edgar  
*Levi, Eleanora
*Levi, Estelle
Levi, Richard
*Levin, Alex   
*Levin, Shirley
Levin, Moshe, Rabbi   
Levinson, Arthur   
*Levinson, Benjamin G. (1929-1993)
Lewis, Bernard
Liberman, Ya'acov
Lichtman, Shirley 
Lincoff, Miram "Mim"   
*Lipinsky, Bernard (1914-2001)
Loeb, Hamilton   
London, Michael                                                              


*Mallen, Harry  
*Mannasse, Joseph S (1831-1897)
Masori, Sandi
Masori, Shahar 
Meltzer, Eli. O
Meltzer, Rabbi Scott  
Meltzer, Susie   
Merel, Marcie 
Merel, Sheldon, Cantor  
Meyer, Paul   
*Meyers, Natalie  
Mix, Ron  
*Moorsteen, Louis   
Morgan, Ronnie 
Moskowitz, Joel, MD                                                      


*Nasatir, Abraham
*Nasatir, Ida   
*Nestor, Paul 
*Neumann, Rose   
*Newman, Michael "Mickey"  
Newman, Rebecca   

*Novak, Maury 
Novick, Bob                                                                   


*Okmin, Seymour (1921-2005) 
*Ornstein, Walter, Dr.
Oster, Larry                                                                     


Pappelbaum, Stanley  
Parzen, Tad Seth 

Penner, Gloria
*Penner, Samuel, Rabbi   
*Penner, Sheba 
*Picaizen, Boris  
*Picaizen, Sima
Platt, Shearn 
Polger, Lorne   
Polichar, Raulf 
Polin, Kenneth D. 
Pregozen, Irv
Price, Robert 
Price, Sol
Prinz, Rabbi Deborah                                                      

Rabin, Seymour

*Radlow, Robert, Dr.
Rady, Ernest
Rady, Evelyn

*Rapkin, Rose
*Ratner, Abraham
Ratner, Anne
*Ratner, Mollie
Recht, Marlene
Recht, Michael  
Reder, Herbert   
Ressler, Jeffrey
Reznik, Becky
Rimland, Gloria 
Rimland, Mark   
Roberts, Milton
*Rose, Henrietta (1872-1957)
Rose, Linda Solof
*Rose, Louis (1807-1888)
Roseman, Jody   
Rosenbaum, Mortimer     
Rosental, Ruben     
Rosenthal, Leonard, Rabbi   
Rotto, Daniel 
Rund, Karen                                                                   

Sachs, Carl   
Sachs, Sally
*Salk, Jonas, M.D.  
*Salomon, Irving, Col.(1897-1979) 
Sax, Kurt  
Savitch, Nadine
Schacker, Gary
Schaffer, Dan  
Schenk, Frederick  
Schenk, Lynn
Scher, Mary Ann
*Schiff, Maurice
Schiff, Rose   
*Schiller, Marcus (1819-1904)
*Schonbrun, Anita Kaplan
*Schulman, Victor (1914-1996)
Schultz, Joan   
Schuster, Jack 
Schwartz, Edward J., Judge 
*Schwartz, William B. 
Schwarz, Erwin W.
*Scott Jean Schwartz
Segal, Annette   
*Segal, Sarah 
Seidle, Charlene  
Seligmann, Justin
Shabatay, Yehuda 
*Shelley, Anna (1884-1954)
Shenhav, Noreen Schiff   
Sherman, Lawrence
*Siegan, Bernard
Siegel, Fern    
*Siegel, Robert, DDS (1923-1983)
Silberman, Jeffrey
*Silverman, Charles (1896-1982) 
*Silverman, Ethel (1906-1998)
Simon, Laura 
Siminou, Javid
Slonim, Philip
Slonim, Ruth 
*Slayen, Betty   
Slayen, Morris  
Smith, Greg       
Sohmer, Michael   
*Soille, Henri, Rabbi
Solof, A. Louis      
Solomon, Donald     
Solomon, Herbert
*Solomon, Lewis       
*Solomon, Raychel   
Solomon, Steve, Dr.     
*Sonabend, Abraham
*Snyder, Ben           
*Spatz, Joe (1904-1983)     
Standler, Dan          
Stein, Jonathan, Rabbi    
Stein, Melvyn B.
Stern, Baruch, Rabbi    
Stern, Jack             
*Sternberg, Harry (1904-2001)
Stolper, Natalie  
Stone, Gloria  
Stone, Jill    
Stone, Rod   
*Stotsky, Dave     
*Stotsky, Ideal Adams   
Sultan, Yaffa-Shira, Rabbi 
Stutz, Abbe Wolfsheimer  
*Swerdlow, Leonard                                                        


Talmi, Yoav        
Tiano, Nessim

Thaler, Gert      
Tolley, Jackie    
*Tuckman, Sylvia (1913-2005)
Tuttleman, Jan                                                                      


Viterbi, Andrew   
*Vogelson, Mort


Wallen, Ruth     
*Walters, Alice Harrison      
*Wax, Harry            
*Wax, Ida           
*Wax, Jeanette     
*Wax, Morris     
Wayne, Howard          
*Wayne, William         
*Weinberger, Jacob, Judge (1882-1974)     
Weinman, Melvin, Rabbi      
Weiser, Simcha, Rabbi      
Weiss, Lillian

Weiss, Victor

Weissman, Maedelle

Weitzen, Fred

Weitzen, Stella

Weizman, Harry R.

Wingard, Dan

Wingard, Eileen

Wingard, Hal

Witty, Tony

Wolf, Hyman

Wolfsheimer, Louis


Zaks, Gussie

*Zanville, Leonard

Zanville, Ruth

Zeiden, Sam

*Zeiden, Sydel

Zelickman, Robert

Zemen, Max

Zemlick, Maurice

Zibbell, Charles

Zlotoff, Leonard

Zuckerman, Arthur, Rabbi

Zybelman, Jay