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  2006-08-19 - San Diego Alef Bet
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Our San Diego Alef Bet
News of Jews of San Diego County, August 19, 2006


{Names with links are honorees of the Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History.  If you would like to honor a member of the San Diego County Jewish Community who is  not living in your own household, you can write a tax-deductible check for $36 to the Jewish Community Foundation/ Louis Rose Fund, and send it to the foundation at 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123.  Be sure to designate on the memo line of the check whom you would like to honor.  Additional honorees may be designated for contributions of $18 (chai) to the Louis Rose Fund)

By Donald H. Harrison

C Shimon Camiel
is on the verge of publishing a third book called The Canyon Kids about  exploring and growing up in San Diego in the 1950s. A wonderful writer, with a light touch, one of Camiel's previous books told the story of his father, Zelig, while an earlier one related Shimon's adventures on a kibbutz in the Galilee.

F Congressman Bob Filner's office sent us a photo of him posing with children from the National City Boys & Girls Club to kick off a campaign for "A New Direction for America "-a national drive by Democrats across the country "calling for a legislative agenda to put our nation on the right track in education, health care, energy, and national security."  I don't know, is it just me, or do you also think some of the kids in the photo are less than thrilled with the whole idea?

Bud Fischer
made another contribution to the Lyric Opera , bringing his total support for the light opera company to $1.25 million. That was enough for the company to purchase the Stephen and Mary Birch North Park Theatre, where the main hall will now be known as the Fischer Family Auditorium. "The significance of this purchase cannot be overstated," said Lyric Opera General Director Leon Natker today. "The financial stability afforded the company through taking ownership of the building will allow Lyric Opera to make exciting new plans and continue bringing the highest level of musical theatre entertainment, and developing and training young artists, well into the future."

G Murray and Elaine Galinson this week joined the Louis Rose Society for the Preseration of Jewish History, becoming the 223rd family or organization to get behind the effort to build a statue to San Diego's first Jewish settler, Louis Rose, and to recognize significant venues in local Jewish history. They chose as their honorees, Elaine's parents, Joseph "Chickie" Glickman and Beverly "Birdie" Glickman, who became the 386th and 387th honorees of the society. 

K Lou Kaplan couldn't be happier.  Devoted Jew and devoted sports fan, he'll get to combine both tomorrow at 10 a.m (Sunday, Aug. 20). at Congregation Beth Am.  In a free program designed to inspire kids to good sportsmanship, team values, and the like, some luminaries from the San Diego State University athletic program will come and shmooze, including Athletic Director Jeff Schemmel, Football Coach Chuck Long, Women's Basketball Coach Beth Burns and Quarterback Kevin O'Connell.

L Rabbi Baruch Lederman tells of a woman who posed an unusual question about kashrut: "Dear Rabbi, I read recently about a woman who, on a hot summer day, baked cookies on the dashboard of her car. I thought that was a nifty idea so I baked a Duncan Hines
cake, which is now dairy, on the dash of my car. The problem is: my husband, unbeknownst to me, inspired by the same article, grilled hot dogs in our car. My question is: Is the car
now treif?  Are we still allowed to drive it? Does it need to be koshered? Can it still be koshered?  Signed, Mixed Up in Maryland."  While the rabbi ponders the question, I think it's pretty obvious that it's the husband who's in trouble. Every state has motor vehicle laws prohibiting "hot dogging" in the car!

Yoni and Sigal Peres
aren't San Diegans, but they visit here often enough to be honorary San Diegans. An interesting coincidence is that both of them, and their 2-year-old daughter, Maya, all were born in August.  Earlier this week, Yoni wrote from their home in Israel: "I am happy to let you know that our second daughter (no name yet) was born on August  14 at 1 pm... She was born on week 36 so she was only 2.420  Kg. The baby, the mother and the father are all back home now healthy and happy."  So, with all those Leos running around the house, you can say that the grandpa, former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, has a lot of family pride

Laura Simon
tells us that her autobiography finally is going to the printer's.  She apologizes for the length of the book, but after all, there was a lot to cover.  In November, she will celebrate her 101st birthday!