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Louis Rose Society 
for the Preservation of Jewish History

Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History 



The Louis Rose Society for the Preservation of Jewish History will recognize historic Jewish achievement in San Diego County through a program of identification and preservation of sites of Jewish interest, beginning with a statue of the pioneer Louis Rose at "Louis Rose Point" in the City of San Diego, and a stone on the unmarked gravesite of his daughter, Henrietta Rose, at Mt. Hope Cemetery. After completion of those projects, the Association will move onto other sites in San Diego County.

To create an online history of Jewish achievement in San Diego County, the Louis Rose Society invites each member household or business to designate a Jewish San Diegan for our historic honor roll. 

To become a member of the society in its charter period, please make out a tax-deductible check for a minimum $36 to the Jewish Community Foundation and notate that it is for the 'Louis Rose Fund.'  Please send the check to the Jewish Community Foundation at 4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123.  The charter period concludes March 24, 2007—Louis Rose's 200th birthday!   

Those who would prefer to assign the privilege of honoring a Jewish San Diegan to the Louis Rose Society, itself, may do so by notifying Donald H. Harrison by email at  Such assignments are noted below with the legend "Assigned to LRS"  The symbol * sadly designates someone who has died since joining the society.

Charter Members
Any person or firm that joins the Association before Louis Rose's 199th birthday—March 24, 2006—will be listed as a charter member. Current number of members (household or firm): 226
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A                                                                                            In honor of/ in memory of
Ms. Pearl Abrams, San Diego, Calif.                                       Laurie Gore                                                                                               Ken Cohen
MM Ernie & Ellen Addleson, San Diego, Calif.                       Moss Addleson
Agency for Jewish Education                                                  Yehuda Shabatay
American Jewish Committee, San Diego, Calif.                  Penny Adler
                                                                                              Joan Dean
                                                                                              Dorothy Garfield
                                                                                              Norman Hahn
                                                                                              Jerry Harris
                                                                                              Deborah Horowitz
                                                                                              Hamilton Loeb
                                                                                              Paul Meyer
                                                                                              Tad Seth Parzen
                                                                                              Nadine Savitch
M/M David & Lee Amos,  San Diego                                    Ray Feurzeig
Eileen Wingard
                                                                                              Gussie Zaks

Anti-Defamation League                                                     Rick Barton
                                                                                              Mitch Dubick
                                                                                              Joe Fisch
                                                                                              Dan Gardenswartz 
                                                                                              Sandy Goodkin
                                                                                              Jerry Gumpel
                                                                                              Ronnie Morgan
                                                                                              Lorne Polger
                                                                                              Jody Roseman
                                                                                              Joan Schultz

Anderson & Kriger, La Mesa, Calif                                        Susan Davis
                                                                                              Jerry Goldberg
                                                                                              Judge Edward J. Schwartz
                                                                                              Alan Berson
                                                                                              Harold Keen
                                                                                              Lynn Schenk

Anonymous #1, La Jolla, Calif.
Anonymous #2, Modesto, Calif.                                              Elias Jacobson
M/M Irving* & Teedy Appelbaum, La Jolla, Calif                    Stuart Goldstone, MD  
Ms. Teedie Appelbaum                                                          Irving Appelbaum                                                                                              

M/M John Baker, San Diego, Calif.
M/M Ron & Betsy Baranov, San Diego, Calif.                      Edward Baranov
M/M. Jerry & Beth Barbour, San Diego, Calif.
M/M Ralph & Marian Barnes, San Diego, Calif                     Gloria Rimland 
D/M Lawrence & Bonnie Baron, San Diego, Calif.                Irene Fine
M/M Helaine & Robert Baum, San Diego, Calif.                   Marty Block
Bell Family Trust, La Jolla, Calif.
M/M Linda & Michael Bennett, San Diego, Calif.                  Marla Bennett 
M/M Jacob &  Leslie Bercovitz, El Cajon, Calif                    Rabbi Leonard Rosenthal
M/M Jeremy & Joan Berg, San Diego, Calif.                        Gabriel Berg
                                                                                            Marie Berg
                                                                                            William Breitbard
                                                                                             Sadie Breitbard
                                                                                             Morris Breitbard
                                                                                             Bess Breitbard
                                                                                             Louis Addleson
                                                                                             Fannie Addleson

M/M Louis & Shirley Berger,  San Diego, Calif                     Ted Leitner
D/M. Robert Berk, La Jolla, Calif.                                         Teedie Appelbaum
MM David & Sharlene Berman, La Jolla, Calif                       Sol Blanc
                                                                                              Max Zemen
M/M Jack & Roslyn Berman, Massapequa Park, N.Y.          Sima Picaizen
Dr. M. Jay Berman, La Jolla, Calif
M/M Shelley & Roz Berman, San Diego, Calif.                       Rabbi Samuel Penner
M/M Sanford Blaze, San Diego, Calif                                     M. Larry Lawrence
M/M Martin Block, San Diego, Calif                                      Murray Galinson
M/M Dick and Sue Braun, San Diego, Calif.                           Irwin M. Jacobs, PhD
Ms. Esther Brenes*                                                                Sam Brenes
                                                                                              Carl Bitner
                                                                                              David Brooks
                                                                                              Justin Seligmann
                                                                                              Joe Spatz
M/M Sy and Resa Brenner, El Cajon, Calif.                            Michael "Mickey" Newman
D/D David Brin & Cheryl Ann Brigham, Encinitas, Calif.         Herb Brin
M/M I. Gerry & Judy Burstain, Escondido, Calif                     Bernard Lipinsky

CDJ Investments, Woodland Hills, Calif                                   Hyman S. Wolf 
M/M Shimon & Joyce Glassman Camiel, San Diego, Ca          William B. Schwartz
                                                                                               Gert Thaler
                                                                                                Zel Camiel
                                                                                                Jean Schwartz Scott
                                                                                                Betty Slayen
                                                                                                Morris Slayen

Ms. Linda Canada, San Diego, Calif
M/M Shlomo & Leslie Caspi, San Diego, Calif
M/M Morris & Doreen Casuto, San Diego, Calif                     Elaine Cohen
                                                                                               Dita Gumpel
                                                                                               Erwin Gumpel
                                                                                               Stan Heyman
Ms. Cynthia Citron, Encino, Calif.                                            Melia Bensussen
M/M Leon & Donna Cohen, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.       Sy Brenner
M/M Nathan & Barbara Cohen, San Diego, Calif                    Rabbi Toby Dorfman

M/M Eddy &.Vicky Cohen, La Jolla, Calif.                            Albert Cohen
Ms. Molly Cohen, Poway, Calif.                                             Philip Slonim
                                                                                              Ruth Slonim
M/M Guenter & Jutta Cohn, San Diego, Calif                          Judge Jacob Weinberger
Ms. Phyllis Cohn, La Jolla, Calif                                               Sanford "Sandy" Cohn
M/M Andrew & Patricia Cooper, Woodland Hills, Calif           Sol Price 

M/M Fred & Shirley Daniel, Carlsbad, Calif
Mr. Alan Davidson/ Ms Lynette Allen, Del Mar, Calif
Ms. Darlena Delmar, San Diego, Calif.                                     Sue Braun
                                                                                                Susan Golding
                                                                                                Abbe Wolfsheimer Stutz
Rabbi/Madrikha Toby Dorfman, San Marcos, Calif            

Ms. Karolyn Dorsee, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif                            Aaron Feldman
                                                                                                Alberta Feurzeig
                                                                                                Pauline Foster
                                                                                                Louis Wolfsheimer
Ms. Roberta Dosick, San Diego, Calif.                                     Ellen Kaufman Dosick               

Dr. Ron Eisenberg/ Ms. Zina Schiff, Tiburon, Calif.                    Rabbi Aaron Gold
                                                                                                  Sheba Penner
                                                                                                  Rose Schiff
                                                                                                  Rabbi Moshe Levin
                                                                                                 Balance assigned to LRS
M/M David & Claire Ellman, La Jolla, Calif.                               Charlene Seidle
M/M Sam & Sue Engelman, San Diego, Calif.                            Dr. Seymour Okmin, DDS
M/M David W. & Sheila G. Epstein, Woodland Hills, Calif.
Dr. Janet Brody Esser Dr. Robert Radlow

Ms. Irma Feffer, Encinitas, California                                          Irving Feffer
Ms. LaVerne Fefferman, San Diego, Calif.                                  Edith Cutler
                                                                                                 Gerrie Kalb
                                                                                                 Natalie Meyers
D/M Bruce & Patricia Feldman, Solana Beach, CA                    Rabbi David Frank
M/M Morey and Jeanne Feldman, San Diego, Calif                    Rabbi Arnold Kopikis
                                                                                                  Alice Harrison Walters

M/M Donald Fields/Myla Lichtman Fields, Fullerton, CA            David Amos
M/M Gary & Ann Fink, Chula Vista, Calif.                                 Mollie Ratner
Ms. Lucille S. Fink, San Diego
M/M Lewis & Margaret Fischbein, El Cajon, Calif.                     Rose Fischbein
M/M Lowell & Eleanore Fisher, Hollywood, Florida                   Richard Elliott Friedman
                                                                                                  Balance assigned to LRS
M/ M Jack &  Gail F. Forman                                                    Annette Segal
M/M Mitchell & Jackie Freedman, Poway                                  David Brin
D/M William & Judith Friedel                                                     Helen Bloom 
Ms. Julie K. Friedman, Santa Barbara, Calif.                               Joseph S. Mannasse

M/M Ana & Jose Galicot, Bonita, Calif.                                     Carolina Behar
                                                                                                  Gregorio Goldstein
                                                                                                  Ruth Kopikis
                                                                                                  Becky Reznik
M/M Murray Galinson, La Jolla, Calif                                         Beverly (Birdie) Glickman
                                                                                                  Joseph (Chickie) Glickman

Ms. Helena Galper, Coronado, Calif.                                          Ana "Hanche" Galicot
D/M Franklin & Jean Gaylis, San Diego                                      Gary Jacobs
                                                                                                   Jerri-Ann Jacobs
M/M Gilbert & Mary Jo Gersenfish, La Jolla, Calif.
Ms. Doreen Gerson, La Jolla, Calif.                                             Rabbi Ronald Gerson
M/M Fred & Roben Gerson, La Jolla, CA
Rabbi Ronald Gerson, Athens, Ga.                                              Doreen Gerson
                                                                                                   Gordon Gerson
                                                                                                   Rabbi Melvin Weinman
Ms. Jeanne A. Gill, San Diego, Calif.                                           Shirley Lichtman
Ms. Jeanne Gold, La Mesa, Calif                                                Sherill Caplan
M/M Abe & Bea Goldberg, San Diego, Calif                              Ralph Barnes
Mr. Martin Goldberg, San Diego, Calif                                        Barbara Goldberg
M/M Ralph & Sandra Golden                                                     Zina Schiff
M/M Harry & June Goldenberg                                                  
Ms. Louise Goodman, San Diego, Calif
M/M Richard and Julie Goodwin, San Diego Calif.                      Rabbi Henri Soille
Ms. Sharon Gordon, San Diego, Calif
M/M Franklin & Laurie Gore, Bonita, Calif.                                 Irving A. Goodman
Mr. Larry Gorfine, San Diego, Calif.                                            Henry Auerbach
M/M Gerald & Marilyn Greber, Carlsbad, Calif                           Mort Vogelson
Ms. Dana Greene, San Diego, Calif.                                            Roberta Greene
M/M Norman & Roberta Greene, San Diego, Calif                      Al Hutler
M/M Gil and Erica Treger Gross   
Mr. Josh E. Gross, Beverly Hills, CA                                           Jack O. Gross; Jack Gross Jr.
                                                                                                   Loretta Glazer Gross

M/M Michael & Miriam Guberek, Encinitas, CA                          Rosalie Kern
Mrs. Judith Gottlieb Gumbiner                                                      Steve Gumbiner
Mrs. Ruth Gumbiner, Encinitas, CA                                              Katherine Fleishner
                                                                                                    Lillian Weiss

M/M David & Hui-Wen Harrison, Carlsbad, Calif.                       Nancy E. Harrison
                                                                                                    Robert Price
M/M Donald & Nancy Harrison, San Diego, Calif                        Louis Rose 
                                                                                                    Mark Rimland
                                                                                                    Laura Simon
                                                                                                    Joel Moskowitz, M.D.
                                                                                                    Sam Zeiden
                                                                                                    Jose "Pepe" Galicot
                                                                                                    Sandi Masori
                                                                                                    David Franklin Harriison

M/M Gordon & Karen Hjalmarson, El Cajon, Calif.                     Harry Sternberg


Dr/Dr. Irvin & Jacqueline Jacobs, Del Mar, Calif.                         Andrew Viterbi
D/M Karl & Audrey Jacobs, San Diego, Calif.                             Rabbi Simcha Weiser
Mr. Jay Jacobs, Beverly Hills, Calif.                                             Greg Smith
M/M Harry & Sherry Jacobson-Beyer, Louisville, Ky                 Mollie Harris
M/M Irving & Sara Kay Jacoby , San Diego, CA                        Michael Sohmer
Ms. Glenda Sacks Jaffe, San Diego, Calif                                    Jan Tuttleman             
Dr/Mrs. Burton Jay, San Diego, Calif.
Jewish Community Centers of San Diego County                 Melissa Garfield Bartell
            Eugene R. Berkenstadt
                                                                                                  Robert Berton
                                                                                                  Bernie Blotner
                                                                                                  Ben Borevitz
                                                                                                  Sally Krasne Brotman
                                                                                                  Si Coleman
                                                                                                  Larry Delsen
                                                                                                  Irwin "Sunny" Demberg
                                                                                                  Phyllis Epstein
                                                                                                  Jim Farley
                                                                                                  Edward B. Friedman
                                                                                                  David Geffen
                                                                                                  Philip L. Ginsburg
                                                                                                  Jeff Glazer
                                                                                                  Joe Gotkowitz
                                                                                                  Stuart Hurwitz
                                                                                                  David Kabakoff
                                                                                                  Todd Kobernick
                                                                                                  David Kroll
                                                                                                  Michael London
                                                                                                  Eli O. Meltzer
                                                                                                  Susie Meltzer
                                                                                                  Bob Novick
                                                                                                  Stanley Pappelbaum
                                                                                                  Kenneth Polin
                                                                                                  Jeffrey Ressler
                                                                                                  Frederick Schenk
                                                                                                  Jack Stern
                                                                                                  Tony Witty
                                                                                                  Leonard Zlotoff

Jewish Community Foundation, San Diego, Calif                  Edgar Berner
                                                                                                  Jerome Katzin
                                                                                                  Jack Schuster
                                                                                                  Nessim Tiano

Jewish Family Service, San Diego, Calif                               Sam Ackerman
                                                                                                 Edward Buchner
William Colt
Sylvia DeWoskin
                                                                                                 Barbara Drossman 
                                                                                                 Candice Fagan
                                                                                                 Joseph Feldman
                                                                                                 Seymour Grossman
                                                                                                 Maynard Hurwitz
                                                                                                 Nadja Kauder
                                                                                                 Bob Lazarus
Harry Mallen
                                                                                                 Marcie Merel
Rose Neumann
                                                                                                 Larry Oster
                                                                                                 Evelyn Rady
                                                                                                 Herbert Reder
                                                                                                 Mortimer Rosenbaum
                                                                                                 Fern Siegel
                                                                                                 Donald Solomon
                                                                                                 Natalie Stolper
                                                                                                 Jill Stone
                                                                                                 Ruth Zanville
Maurice Zemlick
                                                                                                 Charles Zibbell
                                                                                                 Jay Zybelman

JFJ Properties, Santa Barbara, Calif.                                          Marcus Schiller

M/M Harriet & Bud Kader, San Diego, Calif.                             Joseph Kader
Mr. Rick Kamen, San Diego, Calif
D/M George & Susan Solof Kaplan                                            Sam Cohen
                                                                                                   Sylvia Solof Cohen
                                                                                                   Janet Solof Golden
                                                                                                   Linda Solof Rose
                                                                                                   Anita Kaplan Schonbrun
                                                                                                   A. Louis Solof

Ms. Marjory Kaplan, Encinitas, Calif.                                          Carl Esenoff
                                                                                                   Stan Foster
                                                                                                   Victor Schulman
                                                                                                   Balance assigned to LRS
Ms. Ruth Ellen Kaplan, San Diego, CA
M/M Bruce N. & Judith Kesler, Encinitas, Calif.                          Richard Katz, MD
M. Richard King & Ms. Susan Levine
Leonard Krouner, San Diego, Claif.

La Paloma #96, Order of the Eastern Star                                    Henrietta Rose
Ms. Fanny Lebovits, San Diego, Calif
Mr. Robert Lerner, Valley Center, Calif.                                       Col. Irving Salomon
Mr. Richard Levi, San Diego, Calif.                                              Adolph Levi
                                                                                                    Eleanora Levi
                                                                                                    Edgar Levi
                                                                                                    Estelle Levi
Dr/Mrs Peter Levine, La Jolla, Calif.                                             Jonas Salk, M.D.
M/M Jerry & Rachel Levens, San Diego, Calif.                             Lillian Levens 
                                                                                                       Raphael Levens
                                                                                                       Rabbi Morton Cohn
                                                                                                       Rabbi Baruch Stern
                                                                                                       Richard Braun

*Mr. Raphael Levens, Santee, Calif.                                               Rabbi Monroe Levens
Mr. Charles Levinson, San Diego, Calif.                                        Sid Gillman
M/M James & Leslie Levinson, San Diego, Calif.                          Benjamin G. Levinson
Ms. Ruth Levinson, San Diego, Calif.                                            Robert Zelickman

M/M Tovik & Colleen Liberman, San Diego, Calif.                      Ya'acov Liberman
M/M. Marshal & Gail Littman, Poway, Calif                                 Rabbi Deborah Prinz
M/M Sol & Lauren Lizerbram, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif
M/M.Enrique &  Viviana Lombrozo, La Jolla, Calif                      Rabbi Lisa Goldstein
                                                                                                    Jackie Tolley
Judge Murry & Rita Luftig, San Diego, Calif.                                Marlene Feldman
Mr. David Lugo, San Diego, Calif.

M/M Norman & Israela Manson, San Diego, Calif.                      Cecile Jordan, PhD
M/M Jerome & Marlene Markus, Poway, Calif.                           Javid Siminou 
M/M Shahar & Sandi Masori, San Diego, Calif.                           Donald H. Harrison
Mr. Robert Matorin, San Diego, Calif.
M/M Donald & Rosemary McClary, San Diego, Calif.                 Melvyn B. Stein
Mr. Dan McPherson, San Diego, Calif                                          Irving Gefter, PhD
D/M Eli & Susie Meltzer, San Diego, Calif                                    Raulf Polichar
Rabbi Scott Meltzer, San Diego, Calif.                                          Karen Rund
Cantor Sheldon & Marcie Merel, San Diego, Calif                        Jeffrey Silberman 
Ms. Nancy Miller/ Mr. Robert Wilberg, San Diego                       May Idels-Bourdignon
Ms. Linda Moskovics, San Diego, Calif                                        Lewis Fischbein
Dr/Mrs. Joel and Arlene Moskowitz, La Jolla, Calif.                     Stuart I. Brown, M.D.          

Mr. Joe Naiman, Lakeside, Calif                                                  Earl Altshuler
                                                                                                      Bob Breitbard
                                                                                                      Joel Kramer
                                                                                                      Ron Mix
Ner Tamid Synagogue, Poway, Calif.                                           Carole Leblang
                                                                                                       Irv Pregozen
M./M Burton & Lillian Nestor, San Diego, Calif.                          Paul Nestor

Ocean Beach Historical Society, San Diego
Dr/Mrs. Larry & Linda Okmin, San Diego, Calif                           Joan Kutner

Mr. Julius Papay, Woodland Hills, Calif.                                        Howard Wayne
M/M Randolph A. Phillipp/ Margaret P. Benedict                          Kurt Sax
M/M Eric & Peggy Poliak, San Diego, Calif.                                  Deborah Davis
                                                                                                     Jonathan G. Kaye
                                                                                                     Gary Schacker
Ms. Lenora Posner, Escondido, Calif.
M/M Phil and Pat Pressel, San Diego, Calif.                                   Dan Schaffer


Mr. Maurice Rapkin                                                                     Rose Rapkin
M/M Sandford & Laurayne Ratner, La Jolla, CA                          Richard Levi
                                                                                                    Miriam "Mim" Lincoff

Ms. Andrea H. Ravid, La Jolla, Calif
M/M Mitchell &. Miyo Reff, San Diego, Calif
M/M "Rocky" Ramon Reid, San Diego, Calif.                                Ruben Rosental
M/M David  & Claude Romney, Vancouver, B.C.                         Rabbi Chaim "Charles" Heilpern
Mr. Gerry Rose, Oceanside, Calif                                                  David DaCosta
Mr. Harry Rose, Delray Beach, Fla
M/M Louis Rosen & Myla Wingard, San Diego, Calif                     Dan Wingard
                                                                                                      Hal Wingard
M/M Ruben & Fanny Rosental, Chula Vista, CA      
Rabbi & Mrs. Leonard and Judy Rosenthal, San Diego, Calif          Fred Weitzen
                                                                                                      Stella Weitzen
Ms. Gloria Ross, San Diego, Calif                                                  Victor Weiss

M/M  Daniel  & Helene Rotto, San Diego, Calif                              Rabbi Yaffa-Shira Sultan
M/M Gary & Kathleen Rotto, San Diego, Calif.                              Daniel Rotto
M/M Howard & Judith Rubenstein, San Diego, Calif
Ms. Melanie Rubin, San Diego, Calif.                                              Rabbi Scott Meltzer


M/M Dan & Jane Schaffer, San Diego, Calif                                   Shimon Camiel
                                                                                                      Sarah Cooper
Ms. Lana Schaffer, San Diego, Calif.                                               Robert Fefferman
M/M G & A.R. Schaffner, San Diego, Calif.
Ms. Rose Schiff, San Diego, Calif.                                                  Noreen Schiff Shenhav
M/M Irving & Gloria Schiffman, San Diego, Calif.
Ms. Judy P. Schulman, San Diego, Calif.
M/M Michael & Susan Schwarz, San Diego                                   Erwin W. Schwarz 
Mr. Jerry Sebby, KRC Rock, San Marcos, Calif.                           Assigned to LRS
Ms. Charlene Seidle, San Diego, Calif.                                            Marjory Kaplan
M/M Josef Seller, Carlsbad, Calif                                                    Rabbi Wayne Dosick
M/M Amir Shenhav &  Noreen Schiff, Fallbrook, Calif                    Ida Nasatir
                   "                                                                                   Maurice Schiff   
Ms. Rachel Shira                                                                             Abraham Sonabend
M/M Martin & Roberta Shoman                                                     Eddy Cohen
D/D Jonathan Siegel/ Barbara Lounsbury                                         Robert Siegel, DDS       
Ms. Laura Simon, San Diego, Calif.                                                 Rabbi Moishe Leider        
Mr. Greg &. Arlette Smith, San Diego, Calif.                                   Bonnie Dumanis
                                                                                                       Bill Kolender

M/M C. Roger Smolin/ Marsha Sutton, San Diego, Calif.                Bernard Siegan
                                                                                                      Rabbi Arthur Zuckerman
Snyder, Ben Family Trust/ Maxine Snyder, La Jolla                         Ben Snyder
M/M Phil & Sheryl Snyder, El Cajon, Calif                                      Morris Casuto
                                                                                                       Lucy Goldman
                                                                                                       Marlene Recht
                                                                                                       Michael Recht
M/M Saul & Sonia Snyder, San Diego, Calif                                   Harry R. Weitzman
D/M Steve & Esther Solomon, San Diego, Calif                              Herbert Lester Gordon
                                                                                                       Mary Gordon
                                                                                                       Lewis Solomon
                                                                                                       Raychel Solomon

M/M Howard and Trinka Stotsky Soloway, Beverly Hills, CA         Dave Stotsky
                                                                                                       Ideal Adams Stotsky
M/M Richard & Karen Stern, San Diego, Calif.
M/M. Lorin & Victoria Stewart, San Diego, Calif                            Cantor Sheldon Merel
Sunbelt Publications, El Cajon, Calif.                                               Abe Nasatir, PhD 
Ms. Lillian R. Swerdlow, Oceanside, Calif.                                      Leonard A. Swerdlow

M/M Herb & Mickie Targum, San Diego, Calif                                Elaine Chortek
M/M Eugene & Phoebe Telser, San Diego, Calif                              Alex Levin
                                                                                                        Shirley Levin
Ms. Gert Thaler, Del Mar, Calif.                                                       Anna Shelley 
M/M Mark & Colette Thomas, San Diego, Calif.
Dr./ Mrs. Paul & Gwen Thomas, MD;  San Diego, Calif.                  Norman Greene
Tifereth Israel Synagogue, San Diego, Calif.                                      Hal Cohen
                                                                                                        Helen Cohen
                                                                                                        Abraham Ratner
                                                                                                        Charles Silverman
                                                                                                        Ethel Silverman
M/M Louis & Ruth Towne, San Diego, Calif            
Mr. Alex Tsank, San Diego, Calif.                                                    David Feigelson
Mr. Al Tuckman, Encinitas, Calif                                                      Sylvia Tuckman
                                                                                                        Balance assigned to  LRS


M/M Gail & Okoronkwo Umeham, San Diego, Calif.                      Lawrence Baron
                                                                                                       Charles I. Feurzeig
                                                                                                       Bob Filner
                                                                                                       Gloria Penner    
                                                                                                       Dan Standler

United Jewish Federation
                                                                 David Alpert
                                                                                                       Bernard Arenson
                                                                                                       Nathan Baranov
                                                                                                       Howard Brotman
                                                                                                       Morris Douglas
                                                                                                       Murray Goodrich
                                                                                                       Gerald Kobernick, Dr.
                                                                                                       Eli Levenson
                                                                                                       Arthur Levinson
                                                                                                       Bernard Lewis
                                                                                                       Louis Moorsteen
                                                                                                       Rebecca Newman
                                                                                                       Maury Novak
                                                                                                       Dr. Walter Ornstein
                                                                                                       Shearn Platt 
                                                                                                       Seymour Rabin
                                                                                                       Ernest Rady
                                                                                                       Milton Roberts
                                                                                                       Mary Ann Scher 
                                                                                                       Lawrence Sherman
                                                                                                       Herbert Solomon
                                                                                                       Steve Solomon, Dr.
                                                                                                       Gloria Stone
                                                                                                       Rod Stone    


Mr. Charles Warren, San Diego, Calif.                                          Assigned to LRS
Mr. Charles Wax, San Diego, Calif                                                Harry Wax
                                                                                                     Ida Wax
                                                                                                     Jeanette Wax

                                                                                                     Morris Wax
                                                                                                     Herman Addleson

Hon. Howard Wayne/ Ms.Mary Lundberg, San Diego, Calif          William Wayne
Rabbi/ Mrs. Simcha & Betty Weiser, San Diego, Calif.                  Leonard Zanville
M/M Harold & Eileen Wingard, San Diego, Calif.                          Howard Fried
                                                                                                     Cantor Henri Goldberg
                                                                                                     Boris Picaizen
                                                                                                     Anne Ratner
                                                                                                     Carl Sachs
                                                                                                     Sally Sachs
                                                                                                     Yoav Talmi
                                                                                                     Balance assigned to LRS

M/M Jay and Louise Winheld, San Diego, Calif                              Rabbi Jonathan Stein  
M/M David & Marcia Wollner, San Diego, Calif.                            Lou Dunst 
M.M Oscar & Olga Worm, Alpine, Calif.                                       Alfred Jacobs


M/M Marc & Cynthia Yaffe, Bethesda, Maryland                          Emma Goldman
Mrs. Sara Yaffe, New York, N.Y.                                                 Maxwell Kaufman

M/M Mike & Gussie Zaks, San Diego, Calif.                                   Maedelle Weissman
M/M Gary & Beverly Zarnow, Escondido, Calif                   
Ms. Heather Zeiden                                                                         Ruth Wallen
Mr. Sam Zeiden, Oceanside, Calif                                                    Sydel Zeiden
                                                                                                        Shahar Masori

Rabbi Arthur & Simi Zuckerman, San Diego, Calif.                          Sarah Segal
Ms. Rimma Zubarevsky, San Diego, Calif